Interior design living ~ 5 essential criteria in creating a project

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Interior design living ~ 5 essential criteria in creating a project.

Interior design living ~ 5 essential criteria in creating a project.

The living room is a place in the house, which is of particular importance in terms of planning.
If a schematic plan of the house is drawn, it can easily be concluded that in almost every living space, the living room has a maximum area in square meters. This in itself is an indication that the living room is a space that requires good attention during the entire home decoration project. Let's try to write down some of the essentials of a good day and successful project. 1) Free space for movement. In any home plan, whether it's a floor-level house or a block of flats, a person enters either an entrance hall or directly in the living room (if space is a problem). From this entrance hall open all the other spaces, namely kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, if there are, terraces, study rooms, family rooms etc. Therefore, while designing a living room design and designing furniture, you must keep in mind that the movement is unobstructed, this can be done easily by first creating a sample of furniture on paper and then the furniture arranged later. 2) Visual and color balance in the living room. Create a good visual balance between used and unused spaces. Through the space I refer to the floor occupied by the furniture pieces in the living room. It is not necessary to fill every corner of the living room with a furniture element. But, as mentioned above, a minimum circulation space is required. Because the main entrance of the entire home is only through the living room (most of the time) it allows a buffer space to carry other heavy furniture pieces to be placed in bedrooms, such as double beds, cupboards, etc. With all these objects you will need to go through the living room and installed in the bedroom. So think about an optimal design for your entire home, not just the living room. 3) Set up a sitting room for parties. Think about what will happen if you organize a party in your living room. All friends, relatives, colleagues will gather in the living room. So, plan the space for this additional occupation. What you will do in such situations to be placed all in their place. You will move your dining chairs to your home or stay outside on the terrace. 4) Ventilation. If the living room is considerably large, in most cases it has a higher ceiling. This is very perfect for the proportions of space. So, think about ventilating this space naturally and artificially. If you intend to use fans, they will be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. 5) Scheme of warm and welcome colors. As a general rule, always keep your charming living room using a bright color scheme that has a welcoming attitude. As mentioned above, the living room is the first space you will see when you go home, so make an idea of using inspiring colors of your choice to add a beauty note. Using blooming plants inside the bottom of the window is also a great way to add extra interest to your living room. In this article I'm trying to shed some light on the interior design ideas for the living room, I hope this will help as a starting point to think more creatively to decorate your living room. design interior case Constanta.